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A Constructive Attitude of Students Leads Successful Completion of Our 200 Hour Yoga TTC for October 2019

Started on 1st October, our 200 hour yoga teacher training course had almost 56 students who participated in the course from all over the world. There were 30 people who had come from China to learn Ashtanga Yoga from Yogi Kamal Singh Ji and were fascinated with his aura & his yogic path that he has achieved. Although there was many other participants who had come to practice Hatha Yoga too.

Well, it’s 25th of October and the Yoga course completion ceremony had taken place. The Hawan (ritual in which making offerings into a consecrated fire) started at 8 am along with the teachers and the students, in which the students were dressed in amazing outfits with a glowing smile on their faces. It was such a delight to see all of them come together to participate in the closing ceremony. It was 200 hour Hatha TTC and 200 hour Ashtanga teacher training student came together start the ceremony celebration.

So the students were so happy that they chanted mantras, danced, meditated, sang and walked around the hall in respect to the holy fire (Hawan Kund).

The highlight of the course that I noticed was that the students were candid and the bond they established with everyone throughout the course. It was wonderful to see them together sharing their thoughts and stories also ups and downs of their life.

Isn’t we all want that someone who can listen to all our sad and happy stories?

There was a different energy was flowing in the atmosphere of the School, Jivan Chakra Foundation, Rishikesh, India.  An energy that flows sometimes or something that you don’t recognize regularly.

Yogi Kamal ji along with Sunil Ji, Upendra Ji, Priya Ji and Prakash Ji congratulated all the participants for their upcoming challenges as a teacher.  The Yoga teacher shared many important points and advised all the students which may help them to be a great teacher. Practice is important to be skillful and Yoga practices required the same.

Yoga teachers communicated with them to gain right knowledge everyday to practice in a right direction also advised them to lead a healthy lifestyle.  They talk about importance of self-sufficiency, mindfulness, skillfulness and advantages of being resourceful.

After listening to beautiful thoughts and suggestion of the teachers, the students started to click pictures in groups and were pouting endlessly. Hehe 🙂

They wished each other good health & prosperity while giving a warm hug to each other with wet eyes.

It was so emotional state that it all looked as a family members met after ages and again there is separation! But that’s what we all are learning through Yoga, the detachment from things & relationships and getting into a state where we don’t want to feel hurt or happy or sad but a state of nothingness.

To live your life happily, you need to go with the flow. Where there is a lot of Acceptance in life without any expectations and you lead a beautiful life.


We are now having an amazing family who can chit-chat about anything on a whatsapp group and can share their thoughts on such platform. Jivan Chakra would like to congratulate each student and wish them great health, wealth & happiness.

We feel blessed!

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