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Art of Adjustment

Skilled, safe adjustments are a fundamental part of creating an exceptional yoga class, and an understanding of how the body works and common alignment issues is invaluable for every yoga student. The Jivan Chakra Art of Adjustment course equips participants with asana adjustments, vocal cues and how to address individual body types in a wide variety of asanas.

In this course, a variety of techniques and asanas are covered and practiced, so that each student will gain the practice and confidence to adjust skillfully and safely. The best adjustments take place on a physical, mental and energetic level – therefore common alignment issues, effective vocal cues and how to approach students are all given attention. Experience of the dynamics of each asana and an intuitive understanding of the body are also important, so time is spent observing the body and exploring different body types. Specifically we look at risks for potential injury, restriction within the body and where there is potential to go further into each posture.

This is a hands-on course so students gain the rare opportunity to receive personal feedback from fellow participants and experienced teachers. This is vital in gaining understanding of the mechanics of the body and which adjustment is appropriate for each student.

At Jivan Chakra we believe that intelligent adjustments are pivotal in aiding students to deepen their understanding and experience of their practice. This course will equip you with the tools to aid your students to get to the most out of their practice using skilled and appropriate adjustments for each body type.

More Details

Material covered in the course:

  • Why adjustments are performed in asana class.
  • What is needed to perform skilled adjustments?
  • How to adjust yourself in your own practice.
  • How to adjust students in a wide variety of asanas.
  • Correct alignment for each asana covered.
  • Common alignment issues and solutions.
  • Potential injuries and how to address this safely in class.
  • How to read each body to choose which adjustment is appropriate for each student.
  • Bandhas (internal energy locks).
  • Working with the breath and being present during practice.
  • How to use your body weight correctly to perform adjustments that are safe and effective for both the adjuster and the student.
  • Learning a wide variety of tools to give skilled adjustments including vocal cues, communication with students and how to recognize when adjustments are appropriate.

Course Fee: 200 USD

Course includes a 90 minutes workshop a day for 6 days. There may be one rest day during the course so please plan to stay for one full week to ensure you will be able to attend the whole course.

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