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Yoga Beginners Course

One of the questions we are frequently asked is whether our courses are suitable for beginners.

Whilst we do recommend that you have prior experience to enroll in one of our teacher training courses, at Jivan Chakra we cater to all levels of experience, and we believe that if you are looking to start a yoga practice, Hatha yoga is perfect for you. Our dedicated teachers have extensive experience working with all levels and body types.  In fact, many students find it extremely beneficial to be introduced to yoga in such a supportive and immersive environment.  You will probably surprise yourself at the new energy and confidence that you find in your body!

We offer short intensive courses for those wishing to get a sample of Hatha Yoga practices, and also longer courses for those wishing to fully immerse themselves in the experience.  Please see our course pages for further details.

Location, Food & Accomodation

The location of the course will be in Rishikesh. Each student will have a separate room (with attached toilet). Delicious homemade food is provided and WiFi is available both at home and in the classroom. Students will get the chance to live with an Indian family and enjoy Indian food.

Interested in Yoga Beginners Course Course?