We have always had the seed of awareness within us.  The tricky part is learning how to cultivate it.  Patanjali states, you have the seed, your job is to cultivate.  One way is through Asanas.  Preparing the gross physical body for deeper practices.  Cultivating and ridding all that is not desirable in us.  Preparing the right conditions, so that Yoga can happen.

For many of us, we are so goal oriented.  Yes in the external world, it is needed many times, but internally we must forget this.  Instead of creating goals and setting limits, we just have to be with ourselves.  Double down in our awareness, and become more aware of what we are doing and who we are.

We are constantly in a state of performance.  That is fine, but don’t lose yourself and become someone you are not.  Acknowledge this performance as frequently as possible, and reduce the ego within us.  This lies a lot when people become identified by their profession or career.  What happens, is when we do detach and constantly become aware of this performance, we will become finer and finer in our performance.

The further inward we go, the more layers we break through within ourselves.  In the beginning it’s very gross and large layers. As we move deeper and deeper, they become finer and finer.  Again, as we move through this process, it’s extremely important to double up on this one-ness of all.  Life is inclusive, life is one-ness.

One way to do this is to create space.  Our minds are so crammed with so much going on, and we don’t have space in ourselves to put this all together.  An example, we have so much difficulty with family, neighbors, close friends because there is no space.  If we can create space in the mind, then you can fit as many people as possible under one roof and still feel like you have space.  We must keep one eye on the vastness of all, understand that the space is there, just needs to continue being cultivated, and each thing that we are further exploring, we are not leaving behind what we have already learned, or the space we created.

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