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Healing Course Center in Rishikesh India

Yoganga healing is a holistic healing system derived from the 8 limbs of Patanjalis Yoga.  Participants are guided in learning to heal themselves from the inside out.  Deep relaxation, Self Awareness, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Surrender form the process in which deep healing takes place.

Yoganga healing is a holistic healing method which penetrates deep consciousness and transforms present negative emotional and mental states into higher levels of being.  Healing sessions are Holistic, drawing from Eastern and Western approaches.  The healing allows the individual to confront emotions they have been holding onto in a timely manner.  The benefits are to live in abundance of physical/mental heath, higher quality of life and peace of mind.

Common lifestyle disorders where Yoganga works effectively:

  • Lack of decision making ability
  • Depression
  • Low self esteem
  • Infertility
  • Hypertension
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Insomnia
  • Lower back pain
  • Breathing disorders
  • General fatigue
  • Headache and migraine
  • Menstruation disorders
  • Fear & Phobia
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Some physical symptoms

Conflict Resolution.  Flowering of Freedom

Conflicts arise everyday in very simple manners.  For example:  What should I eat for breakfast?  Should I go to the gym today?  Multiple conflicting viewpoints such as ‘I am overweight, I am not exercising enough,’ are generated through over analysis of simple decisions.  This process leads to a large amount of mental activity, and we can become internally overwhelmed, externally numb and incapable of taking decisive action.  During conflict resolution sessions, Sunil empowers the individual to become aware of this agitated mind and release the stress tied to this activity.  Participants will learn problem solving skills by engaging cognitively and intuitively.  The result is a quieter mind and more awareness of what you truly need when making decisions.

Healing karmic patterns. Exploring the laws of nature

“Why does this always happen to me?”  We often act as victims of circumstances, instead of taking responsibility for our own actions.  When we hold external influences ie; friends, family, society responsible for our unhappiness, we are left with more pain within.  Once this vicious cycle starts of blaming others, it is hard to find peace within ourselves and our relationships.  There are many practices available to educate about the law of Karma. Yoga Nidra is used in order to generate awareness into this vicious cycles we have created, & we learn to accept and forgive the past.  Sunil helps you develop insight into your actions and guides you to become responsible for the consequences.  Clarity and deeply relaxed mind and body are the results.

“Everything that you have done has led up to what you are now. Everything you do now will lead up to what you will be.”

Healing the wounds – Living in harmony

Everyday we deal with life’s challenges.  Physical wounds eventually heal, but emotional wounds are pushed much deeper into our unconscious and we carry these with us for a long time. Emotional blockages occur, and one must release emotional blockages in order to live a happy and healthy life.  Our emotions are significantly linked to our breath; breathing exercises help to increase self awareness and remove emotional blockages that facilitate emotional, mental and physical well being.  Sunil’s healing sessions can be very effective when dealing with emotions linked to anger, guilt, fears and phobias.

Mind body balancing. Becoming friendly with pain.

An emerging field of science called, Psychoneuroimmunology has demonstrated the connection between mind and body.  Many diseases and internal issues are caused due to lack of communication between our mind and body.  Many people have not learned techniques to cope with stressful situations, and the unconscious mind will adopt its own strategy to protect you.  Many times this strategy is not helpful in the long term, and causes psychosomatic disorders.  Mind body balancing sessions replace the old negative unconscious techniques with new helpful strategies.  Sessions will help you to communicate with body and mind at a much deeper level.  You will learn how your negative emotions are effecting the physical body.  Anxiety, insomnia, unexplained pain, addictive behaviors, and many bodily functions which are out of balance can be healed with Sunil.

Freedom from pain. Rediscover peace within

One basic assumption of yogic psychology is that life is full of pain and suffering.  This is not a pessimistic approach to life, but an optimistic one.  External events are not the cause of our suffering, we are, and we have the power to overcome this pain and suffering.  You can learn how we hurt ourselves through a body exploration meditation.  Once we become aware of the pain we cause ourselves, we re-condition the mind to move out of pain and into peace and freedom within.

Self Hypnosis for health and healing

CharakSamhita (an Ayurvedic text on Indian medicine system) considers all disorders arise from the faulty functioning of intellect.  Hypnotherapy brings back the intellect to a fully functional state in the right direction by creating change at the deepest level of consciousness.  Sunil is trained in clinical hypnotherapy, which help with fears, phobias, insomnia, anxiety, eating disorders, stress relief, emotional freedom, anger, resentment, grief and recovery from past painful events.


Sunil’s energy is clean. It is sharp. It is quiet. Like a beam shooting as fast as lighting from the centre of his powerful stature straight into your soul with a gentle sparkle that floods your body with warmth and light.

He is a healer. He makes observations. The observations turn into mental notes. The note taking provides for commentary of which he can use for didactic purposes in theory lectures and discussions. Research is being done through observation at the level of one human’s interaction in a given environment. Eventually, a compilation of untold stories and events becomes clear to him. Sunil understands the root of human suffering manifesting itself in various forms at a level that can only be felt through the eyes and healed through the breath. Healing of others takes place through Sunil as he has mastered the art of observation. His power is tremendous. His love is engulfing. His impact has no boundaries.

Dr. Jessica Vyas (M.D.)


Yogi Sunil Kumar Sharma (M.A.Psychology, DYED, International Diploma in Guidance & Counseling, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist) member of Indian Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis.

Sunil is the founder of Yoganga healing.  He is known for his unique approach to teaching yogic philosophy and adapting its practices into everyday life.  Sunil decided to share the therapeutic effects of his unique healing methods after witnessing the benefits and transformations from his students.  Sunil’s unique holistic healing method combines Vedic and Yogic traditions with Western science to bring peace and vibrant health to both body and mind.

Sunil has vast knowledge of different cultures through his wide experience in both Eastern and Western practices.  This enables him to work with a multitude of people, and tailor healing methods to the modern client.

Yogic philosophy asserts that life constantly challenges us and instead of complaining and avoiding, we confront and accept the challenges.  Sunil aims to offer the maximum effects of yogic healing, by conducting lectures and individual/group healing sessions to provide those with the tools to live more healthy and peaceful lives.  Sunil’s sessions help those to harness the potential within them by employing a variety of healing methods; body awareness, breath work, mind and sound resonance, deep relaxation, and mindfulness meditation.  These methods get to the root of the problem, in a timely manner and help to optimize body, mind and spirit.