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How to Find a Mindful Yoga Adjustment Teacher?

Yoga Adjustments are the most well-advised thing when it comes to guiding a class through a sequence of asanas; rest on the teacher’s preferred Yoga style of teaching, adjustments in classes can vary from almost none to heavily focused. To answer the age-old question of whether to adjust or not there are a few things to take into consideration; knowledge, skill, benefits and mindfulness are only just a few.

In my own experience of attending classes, I preferred classes where I received hands-on adjustments. That being said I have also been to classes where I did not enjoy the adjustments the teacher performed. It is very important that a teacher have proper knowledge of how to do a correct and effective adjustment. Having knowledge of how to give a proper adjust is just one step of the process.

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Having practical experience allows a teacher’s skill and effectiveness grow. As a beginner teacher it can be extremely beneficial to practice adjustments as much as possible. With more practice confidence and skill increase and because there is a physical connection made I believe that can be transferred across to the student. In anecdotal evidence, I find that if one is unsure or doubtful in their ability that too, can also be felt from the student.

If a teacher has affluent knowledge and an effective ability to adjust there are many benefits that be gained by the students of varying degrees. For beginners and those completely new to yoga adjustments can help students to understand the posture in and feel it in its proper alignment. Even experienced and advanced students can reap the benefits; through adjustments teachers can still encourage alignment and deepening of a pose. When an asana is performed correctly in proper alignment and engagement, the body can be strengthened and stretched.

When it comes to the art of Yoga adjustments, having the proper knowledge of its outcome is important! An adjustment teacher should be able to analyze and assess their students. Where an adjustment can be helpful for one it can be harmful to another. Learning to observe the students body will allow the teacher to give the proper adjustment respective to their body. Knowing how to and when to adjust students will prevent injury to both participants. As a teacher we would want to avoid injuries as much as possible to have a successful and prosperous learning session. In terms of making the adjustment worthy, it is also essential that adjustments are provided to the members who seeks it. Informing students in the beginning about their adjustments course and potential discomfort will help them understand the effect and they can decide for themselves.

I have found that I love classes where teachers give hands-on attention in addition to clear verbal cues. I also aspire to be one of those seasoned teachers that have magical yoga adjustment abilities and with a clear voice, well informed. Are you considering  to become a Yoga adjustment teacher and inspire others?

Jiven Chakra Foundation offer a 7 days course of Art of boy adjustment with the Ashtanga style fully conducted by Yogi Kamal ji, who is a renowned name when it comes about Ashtanga Yoga and body alignment. He has given almost 20 year of his life practicing Ashtanga Yoga.  And He is been teaching from last 15 years. For the expected outcome, one should register for his class weather 100 hour Ashtanga course, 200 hour Ashtanga course or Ashtanga Intensive course and Art of adjustment & Alignment.

Let’s redefine all your Yoga practices! Love

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