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Jivan Chakra Foundation Has Joined Hands with Isha Foundation for CauveryCalling

Jivan Chakra Foundation has come across the on going noble cause that is being lead by ‘Sadhguru ji’  that will support farmers to plant 242 Cr to revitalize Cauvery. Through the campaign, ‘Cauvery Calling’ and we are determined to join hands with Sadhguru ji in such a extraordinary cause to save nature, save water and mother earth and give it back to the nature!

Water crisis is the big issue that the whole world is facing and ‘Sadhguru ji’ along with Indian Government & Prime Minister Narender Modi and people from Indian film industry from Shahrukh Khan to Kangana Ranaut are supporting the campaign. There are numerous people who are supporting this campaign by donating 42 rupee per tree. Of course, if you donate 42 rupee, 1 tree will be planted and it is a huge contribution. Though, we would love to see you contributing as much possible. Click here to make your donation and make a difference also!

We have started this campaign by donating for 100 trees and already having plans to donate every month in the name of our students. Per Yoga students, we will be donating for 10 trees and this contribution will be go on until the goal is achieved by Isha Foundation.

Here is what Sadhguru has expressed:-

Cauvery has been the source of wellbeing, prosperity and the very source of life for these lands. A forest-fed perennial river is fast becoming a seasonal stream as 87% of tree cover has been removed in 50 years. Cauvery is calling, do you have a heart to hear? – Sadhguru

We would like to thank Sadhguru ji (Isha foundation) and Indian Govt. along with each one of you, who are supporting this remarkable cause and coming forwards in great numbers.

We would also like to thank Sushil Ranakoti for informing us about such ongoing campaign about #CauveryCalling!

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