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Meditation is practiced to increase self-awareness and provide peacefulness to the mind. All yogic practices are preparation for meditation, which is seen as the way to self-realization. At Jivan Chakra, students are exposed to several techniques, ranging from mindful, guided, cleansing and concentration practices.  Mantra chanting is also practiced during these sessions.  Combining breath, sound and rhythm, students channel the flow of energy through the mind-body and restore common nervous system imbalances.

Most of the people in today’s world struggle for mental peace. As the world is emerging, the stress level of people living in it is increasing. Stress leaves a negative impact on our daily life; it impacts us physically, psychologically, and emotionally. It reduces our productivity and affects our state of mind, making us unable to make the right decision.

To lead a happy life it is very important to have peace from within, and the best way to achieve that is through meditation. Meditation is a very important part of yoga and has similar benefits like the rest of yoga. It also helps a person to grow his personality. It improves a person’s concentration and provides him with mental relaxation. A person who meditates is better at making decisions and leads a more peaceful life than a person who does not. 

In the process of meditation, a person has to focus on his breathing and his thoughts, for some people meditation can be complicated and hard to achieve and that is why to learn the actual way and to achieve all its benefits you need a teacher, an expert who can help you to understand its concept. A person who meditates has better emotional health.

People in today’s life are in a great need of meditation and that is why if you are planning to be a yoga teacher, you must know the right way of doing it so that you can deliver your students with the great benefits of Meditation that you have gained.

  • There are various benefit that you receive if you practice Meditation, let’s know about it:-
  • Meditation helps to let go Stress and heal the person fighting with depression
  • It helps to controls anxiety and people struggling with insomnia
  • Promotes healthfulness and the person become more natural thus adept healthy life-style
  • Enhances the mind that provide help to the person to be self-aware
  • It helps to provide visibility and eye sight
  • It definitely helps to many age related issues such as memory loss and reduce irritability behavior
  • One become more kindness & lovable
  • it may help cope with any kind of addictions

There are many other benefits of Meditation which may not included with above list but meditation is the process that helps a person get many known and unknown benefits, it is very effective and provides rejuvenation every time you go through a meditation session.