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Our 200 hour Yoga TTC Members Visited Kunjapuri Temple in Mountains Today!

It was the day off for all the participants and as there won’t be any Yoga practice taking place today, we planned a short day trip nearby Rishikesh and went to Kunjapuri Temple. We left from the school in the morning around 5:30 am to see the sunrise to recognize the magic that happen every day around but we don’t notice it.

Sun is there every day in the sky, there is moon getting bigger and bigger and then there is full moon and stars. We don’t consider it as magic and yet we don’t appreciate it. So in a way, we were there to thank Surya Deva (Sun) for providing us needed energy every day.


The Kunjapuri Temple is situated 28 km from our Yoga school in Rishikesh, 13 km from Narendra Nagar, the nearest city to the temple; the height of the temple fro is 1,665 meters from the sea level.

So Here I’m going to tell you how was it when we reached there followed by sunrise in my own words. You will be imagining through the lines as I going to use my skill of storytelling along with some of the picture were clicked by our 200 hour yoga teacher training course’s members. Please have look:-

So we reached there at 6:10 am and it was still dark and slowly it was getting dissolved. The cold air was breezing though our ears and drying our eyes as we knew that it is going to take another twenty minutes for Sun to rise up. Meanwhile, we started chatting with each other and suddenly there was a group of monkeys arrived and they were wanted something from us to eat. Unfortunately, we were not carrying eatables so couldn’t offer anything to them. It was not pleasant to see them disappointed.


One of the girl started to talking to a money and offered a biscuit and then suddenly all the monkeys wanted the biscuit but she didn’t had enough. And that’s where it became too much to handle monkeys. While we were dealing with all the monkeys to save the girl, the Sun started to rise up and rise up. Suddenly, one man shouted at monkeys and they disappeared in a moment.

Hey! Don’t use your phones to capture this moment but open your eyes to see this beautiful natural magic that is taking place. And you can always relive this moment again and again, I shouted!

It was light orange colored sky and white cotton balls all over the corners of mountains. It looked very much like a dream with pink, purple and blue colors clouds. Mountains were looking so calm and peaceful and it seemed that they were also waiting for sun to take on the sky and earth at the same time. It was incredibly mesmerizing. We really enjoyed the transmission from darkness to light; of course we learnt through this a lot. In a way, we all need to get rid of the all negative thoughts and be positive to spread positivity.


Though, it was quite meditative for a while and people were chanting mantras and singing devotional songs. After a while Sun started to heating up everyone and it was time to go to the temple and prayers. We performed rituals at the temple and came back to the School.

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