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100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  3rd - 14th March, 2019
  3rd - 14th April, 2019
In our Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, we bring back dimensions of Hatha Yoga that are almost extinct. Hatha Yoga is a very powerful way of life.
– Yogi Siddhant Ji

About Yoga Teacher Training Programme

100 hours residential Yoga Teacher Training Course is for those who don't have time for 200 yoga TTC approved by Yoga Alliance USA. Of course, it is very beneficial for those, want to know overall about yoga and professional yoga program.

200-hour yoga course includes four parts. In the first part we will help you to understand overall about yoga. In the second part, we will provide you with the right practice yoga. In the third part, we help you to go through intense practice of yoga and other disciplines and in the fourth step, we will provide you with the right teaching methodology of different subjects and help you to teach others students in the class as your teaching practice of yoga.

Here in this 100-hour Yoga course you will go through the understanding and practice of yoga. These both are very important for self-practice and to share your understanding and your practice with the beginners in Yoga.

This yoga course you will help you to understand the science of discipline, the importance of goal, the meaning of growth, the right way of practice, the proper way to start the Asana practice, the asanas sequence for yourself and many more aspects of Yoga in different level which are very helpful for you and for your near & dear in your society and community.

So come and enjoy the course and live a smooth and healthy life.

Why Siddhant School of Yoga?

This residential 100 Hour Yoga Training Program with Siddhant School of Yoga is all about experiment different dimensions of Yoga to enhance and discover your hidden qualities and make you become the best yoga teacher. This beautiful journey of transformation happens with your great patience and the right attitude. Siddhant School of Yoga always guides you during yoga journey to explore your maximum possibilities for complete growth. Complete growth means complete growth of your five bodies. The physical body, Mental body, Pranic body, Understanding body and Bliss body. How these bodies works, how can you balance these bodies and lots of questions you can find out during the course. This Yoga TTC also helps you to handle your emotion, anger, stress, tension and develop your peace, love, happiness and more possibilities as per your personality.

Teacher Training Dates

Course Date Shared Room Private Room Booking Status
03-03-2019 to 14-03-2019 USD 649 USD 799 Booking Open
03-04-2019 to 14-04-2019 USD 649 USD 799 Booking Open
03-05-2019 to 14-05-2019 USD 649 USD 799 Booking Open
03-06-2019 to 14-06-2019 USD 649 USD 799 Booking Open
03-07-2019 to 14-07-2019 USD 649 USD 799 Booking Open
03-08-2019 to 14-08-2019 USD 649 USD 799 Booking Open
03-09-2019 to 14-09-2019 USD 649 USD 799 Booking Open
03-10-2019 to 14-10-2019 USD 649 USD 799 Booking Open
03-11-2019 to 14-11-2019 USD 649 USD 799 Booking Open
03-12-2019 to 14-12-2019 USD 649 USD 799 Booking Open

Facilities & Inclusions

24 Days Course

Yoga Alliance Certificate

Shared / Private Accommodation

Attached Bathroom

Hot & Cold Water Facility

Three times Nutritious Meals

3 times Tea Everday

Yoga Mat

Study Materials

Yogic Purification Kit

Wi-Fi Facility

Short Excursion Trips

Code & Conducts

  • Discipline is the important part of the training program so the course routine must be strictly followed
  • Please inform us if you have been suffering from any disease.
  • Please give information about one of your friends and family for any emergency
  • Student must inform in advance if they are not taking a meal so that there is no wastage of food
  • Do not use mobile in the class.
  • Guests of the students cannot stay with the student during the course.
  • No recording is allowed during class
  • Punctuality is a part of Yoga so ensure you are on time for class or you will not be allowed in the class once it has started
  • You are our guest as well as student, if any problem please do not ask others, we are ready to help you 24/7.
  • Smoking and alcohol are not permitted during the yoga course.

Daily Schedule

  •   05:15 AM - MORNING BELL
  •   06:00 to 06:30 AM - TEA TIME ON HALL
  •   08:15 AM to 09:00 AM - BREAKFAST
  •   09:30 AM to 10:30 AM - PHILOSOPHY
  •   10:30 AM to 12:30 PM - ASHTANGA VINYASA
  •   12:00 NOON to 02:30 PM - LUNCH AND REST
  •   02:30 PM to 03:30 PM - ANATOMY AND PHISIOLOGY
  •   03:30 PM to 04:00 PM - TEA TIME
  •   05:30 PM to 07:00 PM - HATHA YOGA
  •   07:15 PM to 08:00 PM - DINNER
  •   10:00 PM - LIGHTS OFF
*Note: The entire syllabus provided over here may vary according to practice of the practitioner.

100 Hour Yoga TTC Syllabus




  • Introduction to pranayama
  • Abdominal breathing
  • Thoracic breathing
  • Shoulder breathing
  • Yogic inhalation
  • Yogic exhalation
  • Yogic breathing
  • Inner retention
  • Outer retention
  • Kapalbhati
  • Alternative breathing
  • Bhramari
  • Bhastrika
  • Ujjayi


  • Mula Bandha


  • Janaa mudra
  • Chin mudra
  • Yoni mudra
  • Bhairava mudra
  • Bhairavi mudra
  • Hridaya mudra
  • Nasikagra mudra
  • Ashwini Mudra


  • Anapana meditation
  • Vipassana meditation LABLE - 1
  • Trataka meditation LABLE - 1
  • Mantra meditation
  • Silent meditation LABLE - 2






  • Introduction class of yoga and balance.
  • Introduction of Panch kasha.
  • Panch kosha and its balance
  • Introduction of Indian rich culture.
  • Introduction of Indian Philosophy
  • Patanjali yoga sutra
  • discipline and it's important in yoga
  • What is yoga?
  • Kinds of verities
  • Abhyasa and vairagya
  • .Supportable of yoga


  • CELL


  • (Jointmovement Series)- 1,2,3
  • Eye Exercise
  • Surya namaskara
  • Shavasana (corpse pose)
  • Makarasana (crocodile pose)
  • ArdhaUshtrasana (half camel pose)
  • Ushtrasana (camel pose)
  • Shashankasana ( moon pose)
  • Tadasana (palm tree pose)
  • TiryakaTadasana (swaying palm tree pose)
  • Trikonasana (triangle pose)
  • Utthanasana (squat and rise pose)
  • Kati Chakrasana (waist rotating pose)
  • Tiryaka Kati Chakrasana (swaying waist rotating pose)
  • Matsyasana (fish pose)
  • Ardha Shalabhasana (Half locust pose)
  • Bhujangasana (cobra pose)
  • TiryakaBhujangasana (twisting cobra pose)
  • Kandharasana (shoulder pose)
  • Setu Asana (bridge pose)
  • Janu Sirshasana (head to knee pose)
  • Paschimottanasana (back stretching pose)
  • ArdhaMatsyendrasana (half spinal twist)
  • Meru Wakrasana (spinal twist)
  • VipareetaKarani Asana (inverted pose)
  • Sarvangasana (shoulder stand pose)
  • Halasana (plough pose)
  • Garudasana (eagle pose)
  • Natarajasana (Lord Shiva'sdance)

12. Astanga Vinyasa

  • Surya Namaskar A
  • Padangusthasana (big toe pose)
  • PadaHastasana (hands under feet)
  • Trikonasana (triangle)
  • ParivrittaTrikonasana (revolved triangle)
  • Parsvottonasana (side intense stretch)
  • Virabhadrasana I (warrior)
  • Virabhadrasana II (warrior)
  • UtthitaParsvakonasana (extended side angle)
  • ParivrittaParsvakonasana (revolved side angle)
  • PrasaritaPadottanasana (wide leg forward fold)
  • Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (extended hand to big toe)
  • ArdhaBaddha Padma Uttanasana (half bound lotus intense stretch)
  • Utkatasana
  • Dandasana (staff pose)
  • Janu Sirsasana (head to knee pose)
  • ArdhaBaddha Padma Paschimottanasana (half bound lotus version of paschimottanasana)
  • TriangaMukaikapadaPaschimottanasana (1 leg folded back, forward fold)
  • Paschimottanasana (west intense stretch)
  • Purvottasana (east intense stretch)
  • Marichyasana
  • ParipurnaNavasana (boat)

Food & Accommodation


  • Eating can also be considered a proper practical in which you seek universal balance. You have to develop mindful eating practice can provide a ground that truly supports your personality & Yoga practice
  • Three time (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) meals per day
  • All Meals are vegetarian, nutritious, healthy and balance diet
  • A nourishing diet with fruits, vegetables, Indian herbs are added to the meal plan on an everyday basis
  • Three times Tea or coffee during the course


  • Single hygienic private room with housekeeping facility
  • The rooms have the facilities to suit western lifestyle and we strive to make improvements according to comfortable staying.
  • Each room is arranged with a study table, chair, Double bed, and a storage closet to store your belongings.
  • We provide fresh pillow covers and bedsheet once a week.
  • Every room equipped with a nicely made washroom with all facilities like Toilet paper, Disposable bin, western toilet, wash basin to suit the western lifestyle.
  • The washroom are facilities with 24 hours hot & cold wanter
  • We provide free Laundry service to students
  • All rooms are close to dinning and yoga hall

Our Yoga Course Benefits

  • Course designed for growth looking towards the human nature & personality
  • Teacher of SSY are not only a yoga teacher but also they are practitioner as well as motivations with good will
  • Basic knowledge about Asana and its proper practice can make you realize the importance of Asana
  • Basic knowledge about Pranayama and its daily practice helps you to experience the working of energy/prana within you
  • “What is prana, what is kundalini & how to awaken these prana / kundalini?” you can experience & get the right technique over here in SSY
  • Get ‘Pranayama schedule’ - for your daily practice
  • A proper step towards Meditation helps you to discover “what actually peace is”
  • SSY helps to sit for longer time is one posture for meditation / Pranayama
  • Mantra and its daily practice help you creat such an energy field around you,no egetivity can enter within
  • One can experience the vibration of ‘MANTRA’ over here in SSY
  • Our Philosophy class is really related with practical growth not only intellectual information
  • Our Philosophy class really helps to develop one’s real understanding
  • Our Philosophy class is related with the practical problems & its solution by Indian philosophy scriptures
  • Basic knowledge about Yogic Purification and its practice helps to prepair you for Pranayama and meditation
  • SSY presents the proper knowledge about human body system which helps to deal with your body
  • Basic principles of Yoganidra and Relaxetation really helps to you to redesign your life
  • Our Yognidra class helps one to deal with the sub – conscious mind (Just imagine deal with sub – conscious mind)
  • Basic principles of Ayurveda and its application
  • SSY Naturopathy class helps you to creat a balance between you and nature for smooth life
  • SSYhelps to learn the anciant methods “how to teach others”(teaching methodology) in right way
  • Basic understanding of ‘GOAL’ AND ITS necessity in life
  • Developing Focusing attitude, step by step and day by day
  • Enhancing observing power-for praper understanding
  • Developing confidence-for growth and success
  • What is discipline & why it is necessary for growth
  • Different between discipline & present moment
  • What is understanding & how to develop it?
  • Thankfulness and its daily practice.( Thankfulness is the essance of all religion and real understanding
  • You are learning here “how to be positive always” in every situation in practical life
  • Excellent location & good environment you can find here in SSY
  • Yoga is a way to freedom
  • Yoga is a fountain of youth
  • Yoga is a practice of quieting the mind
  • Yoga is possible for anybody who really wants it

Frequently Asked Questions

Siddhant School of Yoga collects some unique and best techniques from ancient Indian Yogic scriptures and presents through 100 Hours yoga teacher training course so that students can practice and get the clarity to discover and fullfill their goal ,whether it may be as a yoga profession or any other . SSY is a yoga school with motivational attitude to guide you for proper balance and understanding in your life. We are taking this small initiative to reconnect the Yoga with the current generation to create high quality yoga professionals.
Siddhant School of Yoga collects some unique and best techniques from ancient Indian Yogic scriptures and presents through 100 Hours yoga teacher training course so that students can practice and get the clarity to discover and fullfill their goal ,whether it may be as a yoga profession or any other . SSY is a yoga school with motivational attitude to guide you for proper balance and understanding in your life. We are taking this small initiative to reconnect the Yoga with the current generation to create high quality yoga professionals.
Siddhant School of Yoga collects some unique and best techniques from ancient Indian Yogic scriptures and presents through 100 Hours yoga teacher training course so that students can practice and get the clarity to discover and fullfill their goal ,whether it may be as a yoga profession or any other . SSY is a yoga school with motivational attitude to guide you for proper balance and understanding in your life. We are taking this small initiative to reconnect the Yoga with the current generation to create high quality yoga professionals.

Course Registration


Click the button below for quick registration.

If you have any query then feel free to contact us anytime. We are always there to assist you!

Pay Now

Course Fee: USD 649
Registration Fee: 200 USD

Refund Policy

  •   A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  •   The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.

Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

Pranayama is the traditional technique of yogic breath control which has been practiced in India since the beginnings of recorded history as a vehicle for health, vitality and liberation.

In Jivan Chakra’s Pranayama Teacher Training Course, our experienced teachers will carefully and safely guide students through a variety of breathing techniques which have been shown to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, lower the heart rate and blood pressure, calm the body and focus the mind. The health benefits of Pranayama also include; purifying the blood, reducing stress and anxiety levels,  purging negative emotions, preventing disease, removing toxins and strengthening the immune system.

The Sanskrit word “Prana” refers to the life-force or vital energy that flows throughout the body. It is the spiritual link between the body, mind and consciousness. Through the manipulation of the breath we learn to control this flow and work towards purification and balance of the physical and energetic bodies.

“Respiration being disturbed, the mind becomes disturbed. By restraining respiration, the Yogi gets steadiness of mind”. – Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Courses are held in either Lonavala or Rishikesh (see more information below) under the guidance of Shri G. S. Sahay, the author / editor of several yoga books. His book Hathayogapradipika is now available on Kindle and Smashwords


Registration Fee: 200 USD


Theory Course / Program

Lectures on Hathayoga:

  • Pranayama In Hathayoga

  • The Evolution of Pranayama

  • Mitahara / Balanced diet

  • The Three Bandhas of Pranayama/Kumbhaka

  • Kundalini; Arousal, Method and Location.

  • The Yogic Evaluation of Cleansing

  • Attitudes and the Importance of our Approach to Yogic Practices

  •  Lectures on Patanjala yoga

  • Introduction to Patanjali and Yogasutra

  • Klesha in Yogasutra

  • Mental Modifications (Cittavritti), Concomitants of a Distracted Mind ( vikshepa sahabhuva) and Distraction of the Mind (cittavikshepa or antaraya)

  • Cittaaprasadana

  • Concept of Ashtanga Yoga (Yamas and Niyamas)

Other lectures

  • Intro about Shiva-Svarodaya

  • Yoga texts with special reference to Pranayama

  • Physiological considerations of Pranayama

The program is 8 hours a day including 1 hrs of self reflection. Students will also have a variety of assignments to complete.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Basic English language skills. The course is conducted in English.

  • Prior experience or some knowledge of Yoga is key. More important is an open mind and an eagerness to learn.

  • Good physical condition and a daily Pranayama self practice.

  • 100% attendance is mandatory.

  • Places are awarded on both eligibility and on a first paid, first served basis.

  • Fees include accommodation and meals.

Yoga TTC Schedule

Course Name Course Date Course Fee Registration

Location, Food & Accomodation

Accommodation during the course is included in your fees and is provided by Jivan Chakra in Ram Jhula, Rishikesh at the Jivan Building or nearby residence. All rooms are private, basic and comfortable with attached bathroom. Facilities include two twin beds, hot water and shower and bedding. Towels are also availableupon request. Wifiis included! Laundry facilities can be arranged for an extra charge, and students are able to wash their own clothes in their rooms if they wish. You will find that most of your time is spent in the yoga shala and with classmates, however you are ensured your own comfortable space in which to retreat to and relax in-between classes.

All accommodation is within a 10 minute walk from the classes which are held in various locations across the lively Ram Jhula village. Students are conveniently located nearby to local cafes, shops, Ayurvedic treatment centres and of course the beautiful holy Ganges river. There is much to do in the area including browsing through local shops of Indian clothes, Ayurvedic products and books, treating yourself to a massage, or simply exploring the surrounding landscape – jungle clad hills, nearby waterfalls and beautifully situated temples are all possibilities.  For days off there are plenty of delicious local cafes and restaurants, chai stands and juice houses. Inevitably you will end up meeting fellow yoga students and striking up conversation in the relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

The course fees include two full meals per day and one snack with tea in the afternoon (except for on rest days). The food is delicious, vegetarian and made with love, and the menu is designed to be light and sattvic to best keep your body nourished and strong for your yoga practice. Ingredients are locally sourced fresh from the markets, and meals are prepared in our kitchen daily.
Brunch consists of seasonal fruits including pineapple, watermelon, papaya, pomegranate and bananas. Also served is muesli, yoghurt, honey, homemade nut butters, porridge, toast, and a traditional savoury Indian option – no one goes hungry!
The dinner menu changes from evening to evening but favourite dishes include lentil and chickpea dals, mixed vegetable curries, salad, tofu, Indian style spiced potatoes, rice, chapatti and occasionally something Western for a taste of home. Desserts including rice pudding, halva and chocolate balls are sometimes provided and always go down a treat!

If you have any dietary requirements please inform us so that we may ensure there are adequate options for you at mealtimes.

More Details

Required Documents

In order to register, the following documents will be required:

  • The completed Application/Registration form

  • A recent passport photo of you

  • A copy/ scan (in colour) or a clear photo of your valid Passport, with all details clear

The course is only confirmed once all of the above documentation is received. Also please remember that you are required to obtain an Indian Visa before arrival in India

Registration Process

Please submit the Application / Registration Form online or contact us so we can further assist your registration.

We aim to confirm your registration within three weeks of receiving your required forms and documents.

After we have confirmed your place on the course, we request you send a Deposit payment of 25%. The remaining balance should be settled upon arrival or before arriving. After sending your deposit, please email a copy of the receipt to us, to complete your registration.

Applications are processed on a first come first served basis. Jivan Chakra Foundation maintains the right to accept or reject any application without providing an explanation.


Course Fees – 800 USD, Included within the course fees;  tuition, accommodation, two meals per day, and a daily snack with tea.


The information regarding the payment procedure will be sent to you with a letter of acceptance. Please submit your Deposit payment prior to arrival (this will secure your placement) of USD 200. We accept the following payment methods to settle the outstanding balance: payment by Transferwise or cash in Euros, US Dollars or Indian Rupees.

Refund Policy

Please note that we do not give refunds so it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the relevant insurance is in place in case they are unable to attend or they are required to leave the course early due to unforeseen circumstances.

Alternatively, if you are unable to attend after the deposit or fees have been paid, you are welcome to send someone in your place. If only the deposit has been paid, the new participant should pay you the deposit directly and you both must notify us of the name change.
A student can transfer from one course to another at least one month before the start of that course to attend a different course instead. We allow this transfer only once; after one transfer all fees are forfeited.

Visa and Travel Insurance

All foreigners traveling to India are required to obtain a Visa prior to arrival in India. Please be sure to give yourself ample time to arrange an Indian Tourist Visa through an Indian Consulate or Visa Services Company before leaving your home country and traveling to India. Also please arrange proper travel insurance and any other requirements you may have (i.e. bank arrangements, healthcare) before traveling.

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