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Thoughts Shared By Students of Yoga Teacher Training Courses at Jivan Chakra?

Are you planning to come to Rishikesh, India for your Yoga practices and the Yoga teacher training course?

Well, Rishikesh is situated in the foothills of Himalaya where there is Mother Ganga flows through the divine city. Rishikesh is also known as the world capital of Yoga. There are several reason to that, and we will not discuss that today but later may be.

Today, we going to discuss the schedule that a student have to follow throughout their yoga teacher training course in rishikesh with Jivan Chakra Foundation. How does one feel while going through such tight time-table from morning to afternoon and then evening to night.

There are several students, I (Sushil Ranakoti) have spoken to and here is what they have to say about the schedule. I am not going to mention their names as they think if is something they don’t want people to know. Some of their confession were too funny. yeah! So here you go -:

I used to wake up around 10 am every morning but since I have joined the school for the course, I am going to wake up at required time because I don’t want to miss any important session. Though, I have to struggle a lot but this is just for one month, she giggles!

I have gone through even tougher time and very hectic schedule in my life for others, shouldn’t this is for me and I should consider doing it with utmost dedication? I would definitely become a good yoga teacher, yeah..

Why would you even asked that question? Don’t make me remind  of ‘how terrible was the first day?’ I was very excited and set the alarm too, next  morning the alarm didn’t work and I ended up waking up at 8 am instead 6 am. Well, that was the first day but I have not repeated that again. I think, my body getting used to it as I enjoy my yoga practices and philosophy classes followed by meditation and yoga nidra.

Initially, I was hesitate to take a part in Yoga teacher training course but after I landed in the Yoga school in Rishikesh, Oh I mean this school, I fell in love with people around, be it yoga teachers, people in kitchen, my fellow yoga students and cows on the road etc. I’m liking it here very much and enjoy sitting next to Mother Ganga. Well, I’m so grateful!

I have been asking people their experience everyday and there are so many who I still need to ask. I enjoy communicating with them about things and if there is any  problem I could provide solution with. People who are participating in Yoga teacher training course are very friendly and indeed very focused about their practices.  It was my pleasure to have such kinds words, they were really open to express their thoughts.  It will definitely help them be a good Yoga teacher and create more teacher who could contribute to make more teachers.

Everyday and Everyway, We are Getting Better & Better!


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