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Traits Of Yogis As Told By Spiritual Gurus And Saints

Want to know about yogis? Or you would like to know the opinion of the great gurus or spiritual leaders about the real traits of a yogi? Our saints and gurus opine that a true yogi must be able to feel the action in inaction and vice versa or see inaction in an action. It is important to have equanimity in the senses and mind. Do not fear a task and anticipate its failure. Be equal in both success and failure of work.

Kill the desires that arise in your mind. Only then, you can be aware and wise. 

Stop expecting the results of your actions. Renounce the fruit of activities you do as Lord Krishna advised in Bhagwat Geeta to Arjuna. Believe in inner happiness and the light and wisdom that God bestows in your soul instead of going after external pleasures. Be friendly to all regardless of whether they are your best friend or indifferent and an enemy. Treat sinners and saints equally. 

Stay away from vices and faults like pride and ambition. Work for the welfare of weak and downtrodden people. Develop intelligence and logic. Be consistent in your actions. Avoid over sentiments and be content in life. View the situations in this world as positive and having some good, as there can be hidden virtue in a circumstance or people you meet. Have the strength to tolerate everything and everyone even if it is negative and harsh. 

Develop faith and courage in life. True yogis are very brave and daring. They are ready to face the battles that are challenging and difficult for other people. Be a warrior and fight the problems with force of action. Learn to make compromises in life. See the positive in your and others’ life. Be friendly and compassionate to each person you meet. Have faith in divine wisdom and powers. Avoid using your powers to get power, money, and fulfill your ambitions. 

  • Be disciplined and humble.
  • Be ready to face suffering and sorrow in this mortal world.
  • Face all situations with equanimity.
  • Develop patience.
  • Enjoy moments of calm, silence and austerity.
  • Do not let your mind be disturbed and affected by pleasure and pain.
  • Be fearless and shun passion.
  • Avoid being attached to things and people.
  • Remain unaffected by praise and criticism. Take both as equal.

Be the same in gain and loss without being too happy when something good happens or sad when something negative occurs. Take your senses away from its attachments. Do not sleep for very long and do not sleep very less. Lead a balanced life.

About the Author:-   Rukmani has completed her 200 hour  Ashtangs TTV and 200 Hour Hatha teacher training course from Jivan Chakra Foundation and started giving philosophy classes in our Yoga teacher training courses. She has been a very much devoted towards her Yoga practices along with Ayurveda practices. She has been a essential part of our foundation. She enjoys Pranayama, Meditation & Yoga Nidra session a lot!


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