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Why It’s Advised To Wear Comfortable Cloths while Performing Yoga Postures?

Did you ever wonder about the certain outfit during Yoga classes? What do you wear when you go to sleep? Something that is comfortable, right? Why we are not aware of going with comfortableness while performing yoga exercises?  Why doesn’t same goes with Yoga practices?

Did this question ever come across to your mind that why we are not even wearing something that help us in yoga posture? Doesn’t a tight Yoga pant disturb you or create any interruption?

If you still don’t get it, here we go with some physiological facts of body that will definitely make you wear well-to-do cloths and offer comfortableness.

It is important to find the ideal, wearing which you can bend, stretch, and stay connect throughout the class.

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Physical Aspect of Comfortable Clothing – Avoid the clothes that are moving with you while you are performing your asana. Choose the type of cloths that would ease your movement. comfortable cloths always add something to your yoga practices and help you achieve your asanas.

The Breathing Aspect with Comfortable Clothing – We all know that the yoga practice involves breathing in the movement which requires expansion of the chest and abdomen.

Wearing tight cloths during the practice may interfere in the process. And eventually it disturbs the flow of Prana needed for the practice of an Asana and Pranayama.

Practicing Yoga (exercises, Pranayama, Mediation, Yoga Nidra and Yama & Niyamas) is helpful in getting rid of the negative thoughts from the mind & soul and build up the focus and concentration power.

If your physical part is disturbed in any way, it will definitely affect your mind and Prana. That way, comfortable clothes during yoga practices make you more aware about your body and you concentrate on each moment during Aasana and Pranayama.

Comfortable Clothes’ doesn’t have to be loose clothes. Choose upper and lower that are light, breathable, and form-fitting so you can easily move your body. Even if the comfortableness is just 1%, switch your wearings with another that makes your practice session worth!

Avoid any restrictive garments as they can be distracting and take you out of that moment. It’s always a good idea to wear clothing that is made with good fabrics such as cotton that dry quickly, absorb moisture and must be airy.

It provides the feeling of security, sense of peacefulness and helps you build confidence that leads you with perfection and offer best outcome of your Yoga practices.

Especially for Indian girls who are practicing Yoga with Yoga pants and sometime doesn’t feel  as much as comfortableness is required for the exercises.

This is in terms of social environment where girls are more concerned about their dress or how people are perceiving them or if they are being watched.

It’s is advised to bring or buy the cloths that you will be okay with during your Yoga session and cloths which let you expend your body (Chest and abdomen). Let’s be more aware about your physical body and learn more about human anatomy.

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