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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is an ancient technique of self exploration and inner growth. During the practice, you lie down in a restorative relaxed position and are guided through visualization exercises and techniques to increase body awareness.  This powerful practice moves you deeper into the subconscious and works to process unresolved negative thoughts, habits and emotions. The practice is suitable for practitioners of all levels and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and emotionally balanced.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is one of the best yoga practices that help a person to relieve stress. In this, a person is in a conscious state of mind, between sleeping and waking. The effectiveness of yoga Nidra can be understood by the fact that 30 minutes of yoga Nidra is as effective as 2 hours of sleep. It holds a large mythological history. It is different from a meditation, where a person has to concentrate on his breathing and thoughts, here, in yoga Nidra, by listening and following given verbal instructions, a practitioner progressively reaches a state of awareness of the inner world while being well informed about the environment.

What is the Purpose of Yoga Nidra Meditation?

The purpose of yoga Nidra and Meditation is the same, and that is to achieve Samadhi, a state of meditative consciousness, both of these practices provides relaxation and peace to the practitioner. Yoga Nidra is the deepest state of achieving relaxation while being conscious and aware of the environment at the same time. Although it’s an easy process, it can be a little complicated for some people, and that is why to practice yoga Nidra a person should lookout for an expert. 

Many people can face multiple doubts regarding this practice while learning, and therefore, to gain real knowledge and experience about it, a person should seek an expert, especially when you are learning it to be a yoga teacher.

Yoga Nidra Scripts and How it is Effective?

Yoga Nidra needs a perfect atmosphere and a perfect environment, and no environment can be better for learning it then the place where it was started to practice in modern times. One can practice Yoga Nidra in a yoga hall or in a room with proper instruction of the Yoga teacher.  Briefly, a teacher will be intructing you to observe the sound that you can easily listen and slowly focusing or observing things and sound around you. After that slowly going inside, within to observe self followed by the Yoga Nidra script narrated by the instructor. It will goes with the imagination that you create with the story or Yoga Nidra script being said by the Guru. 

Here are some Yoga Nidra Scripts that you definitely find useful-:





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