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Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh India at Jivan Chakra – 2018

Jivan Chakra Foundation offers best yoga retreats in Rishikesh India. Jivan Chakra Foundation, Rishikesh invites you to take yoga retreats, break and escape from the stresses of your daily life to focus on your yoga practice in our carefully balanced programme, designed to renew your energies and bring you peace of mind. Including daily yoga sessions, meditation, pranayama and delicious home cooked food using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, our retreats will leave you feeling fresh and revitalized. Choose for a yoga retreat in India at Jivan Chakra, a yoga school registered Yoga Alliance USA, will give you the chance to realize yoga in the nature of its yoga origin rishikesh from teachers who are professional of the area.

We offer 7 days (One Week) yoga retreats in a beautiful location on the banks of the river Ganges in Rishikesh. With no need to find accommodation or spend time commuting to classes, you will be free to immerse yourself in your yoga practice, and the rest of your time will be yours to fully enjoy. We also offer nutritious food prepared with love to all retreat participants, so rest assured you can eat nourishing food with peace of mind during your stay here.

And it’s not just all about yoga! There are many incredible things to see around the beautiful retreat location so it would be a waste not to do some exploring. Extra-curricular activities are available if the group is interested and vary from trekking and rafting, to sunrise excursions and visiting local temples and holy sites. Activities are organized according to group preferences so no one is left behind.

Included in the yoga retreat are yoga classes, pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra sessions, two meals and one snack with tea per day and shared accommodation.

We specialize in creating tailored retreats for groups in various locations, so if you are interested in working with us, please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Example Schedule: Jivan Chakra Yoga Retreat in India

The retreat program has 6-7 hours scheduled per day.  Here is an example schedule:*

  • 06:30 – 08:00 — Pranayama/ Meditation / Mantra Chanting
  • 08:30 – 10:15 – Hatha Yoga Asana Class
  • 10:30 – 12:00 — Brunch
  • 12:00 – 1:30 – Free time for activities
  • 13:45 – 14:30 — Yoga Nidra
  • 14:30 – 15:00 — Tea time/ Snack / Refresh Time
  • 15:00 – 16:30 — Philosophy / Guest Lecturers
  • 16:45 – 18:00 — Free time for activities
  • 18:30 – 20:15 — Dinner
  • 20:15 – 21:00 — Evening Meditation

*Note: This schedule is an example of the daily timetable. Classes and times are subject to change according to the retreat, season and any improvements we have made.

Yoga TTC Schedule

Course Name Course Date Course Fee Registration
Yoga Retreats Rishikesh 1 April 2019 to 7 April 2019 400 USD
Yoga Retreats Rishikesh 3 May 2019 to 9 May 2019 400 USD
Yoga Retreats Rishikesh 1 June 2019 to 7 June 2019 400 USD
Yoga Retreats Rishikesh 3 July 2019 to 9 July 2019 400 USD
Yoga Retreats Rishikesh 1 July 2019 to 7 July 2019 400 USD
Yoga Retreats Rishikesh 3 August 2019 to 9 August 2019 400 USD
Yoga Retreats Rishikesh 1 September 2019 to 7 September 2019 400 USD
Yoga Retreats Rishikesh 3 October 2019 to 9 October 2019 400 USD
Yoga Retreats Rishikesh 1 November 2019 to 7 November 2019 400 USD
Yoga Retreats Rishikesh 3 December 2019 to 9 December 2019 400 USD

Location, Food & Accomodation

Accommodation during the course is included in your fees and is provided by Jivan Chakra in Ram Jhula, Swargashram Rishikesh at Krishna Cottage or nearby residence. All rooms are private, basic and comfortable with attached bathroom. Facilities include two twin beds, hot water and shower and bedding. Towels are also available upon request. Wi-fi is included! Laundry facilities can be arranged for an extra charge, and students are able to wash their own clothes in their rooms if they wish. You will find that most of your time is spent in the yoga shala and with classmates, however you are ensured your own comfortable space in which to retreat to and relax in-between classes.

All accommodation is within the building (Krishna Cottage) in which the classes are going on. Students are conveniently located nearby to local cafes, shops, Ayurvedic treatment centers and of course the beautiful holy Ganges river. There is much to do in the area including browsing through local shops of Indian clothes, Ayurvedic products and books, treating yourself to a massage, or simply exploring the surrounding landscape – jungle clad hills, nearby waterfalls and beautifully situated temples are all possibilities.  For days off there are plenty of delicious local cafes and restaurants, Chai(Indian Tea) stands and juice houses. Inevitably you will end up meeting fellow yoga students and striking up conversation in the relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

The course fees include two full meals per day and one snack with tea in the afternoon (except for on rest days). The food is delicious, vegetarian and made with love, and the menu is designed to be light and satvic to best keep your body nourished and strong for your yoga practice. Ingredients are locally sourced fresh from the markets, and meals are prepared in our kitchen daily.

Brunch consists of seasonal fruits including pineapple, watermelon, papaya, pomegranate and bananas. Also served is muesli, yogurt, honey, homemade nut butters, porridge, toast, and a traditional savory Indian option – no one goes hungry!

The dinner menu changes from evening to evening but favorite dishes include lentil and chickpea daals, mixed vegetable curries, salad, tofu, Indian style spiced potatoes, rice, chapatti and occasionally something Western for a taste of home. Desserts including rice pudding, halva and chocolate balls are sometimes provided and always go down a treat!

If you have any dietary requirements please inform us so that we may ensure there are adequate options for you at mealtimes.

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