Mountain Pose (Parvatasana) is a simple seated asana, which is considered to be one of the most important seated postures in ashtanga yoga series.

It is a part of the Sun Salutation series of asanas. It appears as the fourth pose and the ninth pose in the Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskara series.

Parvatasana is used to practice by Beginners as well as Intermediate level yoga practitioners. As we very well know that the word is in Sanskrit (पर्वतासन) that is made up of two words:

  1. Parvata – Mountain,
  2. Asana – Posture

The full name is pronounced as:  Par-vata-AHS-anna.

Asana Details:

Asana Level: Beginners & Intermediate

Asana Style: Ashtanga Yoga

Asana Duration: 10 to 60 seconds

Asana Repetition: None

Asana Stretches: arms, back and abdomen

Asana Strengthens: Arms, Abdomen,  Spinal Cord

Asana Benefits:

  • Strengthens the muscles of arms and legs.
  •  Tones the spinal nerves and sends good flow of blood to the spinal region.
  • Increases blood flow to the brain and gives mild benefits similar to inverted asanas.
  • Gives a great stretch to the spine.
  • Tones the muscles.
  • Prevents joint problems.

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